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What is an Intentional Expat?

What (who) is an Intentional Expat?

Intentional expats are those people who have left their home country, either by choice or necessity, in order to temporarily or permanently experience life in another country and culture, and who strive to proactively take the steps to make the very most of this exciting, memorable, and inevitably challenging, life change.

The name for this website was inspired by my own journey of transitioning from an accidental to an intentional expat, and my work helping support my clients who are living globally mobile lives. Living outside of my home country for nearly a decade and being in an intercultural and bilingual marriage have also helped me to understand firsthand some of the challenges that come with living an international life. I’ve also recently relocated to my home country of the United States which provides another glimpse at an often ignored, yet challenging, aspect of globally mobile life–repatriation.

I previously lived in Madrid where I worked with expats, couples in intercultural relationships, third culture kids (TCKs), and English teachers in my offline, face to face therapy practice. However, when I relocated to the Netherlands, I made the decision to move my practice entirely online. Through providing online therapy, I was able to continue supporting my Madrid based clients. It also provided me with a way to continue to work with globally mobile individuals and couples despite any business trips or international moves that may come up.

I’ve more recently made some changes to my business so that I’m now providing coaching services to the international community. I continue to work entirely online with clients who are navigating the challenges that come with having a sense of home in more than one place. You can learn more about the coaching services I offer HERE.

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