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English Speaking Therapy in Madrid


Although I was previously based in Madrid, Spain and saw clients for in-person individual, couples and group therapy there, I have recently relocated to the Netherlands and am therefore no longer available for in-person therapy in Madrid.

However, I now see many Madrid based clients online. These are individuals who I started seeing in-person while still living in Madrid, or who were referred to me by clients who I saw while living in Madrid. I have worked with many individuals on a variety of different issues through online therapy and they have found it to be just as beneficial as in-person therapy, especially considering the fact that I can understand firsthand what it is like to be a foreigner living in Madrid. You can learn more about online therapy HERE. 

If you prefer in-person therapy in Madrid, I would recommend visiting the following two links for more information:

SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute is a center I previously worked at and I highly recommend the therapists and psychiatrists who work at this center in a variety of different languages.

Anglo Info also offers an extensive list of English speaking counselors and therapists working in Madrid.