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About Dr. Melissa Parks

I work as both an individual and couples therapist, providing online therapy to people struggling with a variety of different issues. I’ve worked in a broad range of clinical settings in Spain and the United States, including Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’s Student Counseling Center and the Usera Public Mental Health Center in Madrid. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of different patient populations and pathologies, both in English and Spanish. While my area of clinical expertise is in the field of body image and eating disorders, I also treat anxiety and mood disorders, difficulties associated with cultural adaptation, as well as working with university students and young adults.

My personal experience of living, working and studying in Europe for the past eight years has shown me firsthand the difficulties associated with adapting to life in a new culture, and carrying out day-to-day life in an unfamiliar language. However, it has also helped me to become aware of the tools and techniques that can help individuals to thrive in these circumstances. Combined with my professional experience in the field of psychology, this places me in a unique position to be able to attend to the psychological needs of those individuals living outside of their home country.

You can check out my experience on LinkedIn or read through my CV below (updated May 2017):


Providing individual and couples therapy to individuals around the world through CBT and mindfulness based therapies. Patients include study abroad students, English teachers, individuals in intercultural relationships, third culture kids, immigrants, ¨trailing spouses,¨ teachers in international schools, and digital nomads, among others. Topics treated in sessions include issues specific to living abroad (such as cultural adjustment, returning to your home country, homesickness, etc.) or more general mental health concerns (such as eating disorders, panic attacks, self-esteem, grief, depression, etc.)

Collaborated with the center’s research team on a variety of projects at the oldest and largest specialized treatment program for individuals with eating disorders in the Netherlands. Gained additional knowledge regarding statistical analyses, study design and the latest developments in the field of eating disorders through serving as a co-reviewer for articles submitted to the International Journal of Eating Disorders, Eating and Weight Disorders and Eating Behaviors.

Provided therapy (Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment and Mindfulness therapies) to adolescents and adults in both English in Spanish. Specializing in working with patients with eating disorders and/or body image issues, as well as expats, study abroad students, English teachers, and other individuals living abroad and experiencing homesickness, culture shock, or other difficulties that go hand in hand with living in another country or returning to their home country. Also treated clients with anxiety, depression, panic disorder, self-esteem issues,  personality disorders, grief, relationship crises, ADHD, victims of rape and trauma, among other concerns. In addition to individual and couples therapy, I also facilitated support groups for women living abroad and led introduction to mindfulness training courses. 

Administration of diagnostic interviews and relevant questionnaires for a research studies concerning eating disorders, body image and obesity. Responsible for the training of new research assistants, development of patient reports, literature reviews, assistance with writing research articles, and translation of relevant research materials.

Evaluation and treatment of patients with eating disorders and/or affective disorders and their families. Tasks included intake assessments and interviews, development and implementation of treatment plans and assisting with family support groups.

Responsible for intake interviews, administration of questionnaires, development of treatment plans and providing therapy to patients diagnosed with an eating disorder or body image concern, as well as coordinating care with their family members.

Provided emotional support, assistance and guidance for a group of thirteen study abroad students while traveling through Western Europe for ten weeks. Problems addressed included homesickness, culture shock, family and relationship issues, and conflict mediation.

Implemented skill building group curriculums according to the developmental age level of participants (ages 3-21), utilized verbal de-escalation and effective communication skills to carry out individual behavior management plan, applied emotion coaching, functional analysis and problem solving skills in order to effectively manage the milieu, evaluated the effectiveness of treatment interventions through observation and documentation of patient behavior, and assisted families in implementing behavior plans.

Assisted with the creation of the curriculum of a program designed to increase knowledge concerning balanced eating, exercise and body image amongst college women, facilitated program presentations and group discussions on college campus and trained new program facilitators.

Provided education, resources, referrals and support to callers from around the country, assisted with the development and implementation of training materials for new Helpline volunteers, updated and Managed NEDA’s Nationwide Support Group Database and “Ask an Expert” resource, created educational handouts distributed on NEDA’s website, assisted with the coordination of the National Awareness Week and coordinated and led training for new Helpline volunteers

Administered and coded the Eating Disorder Examination (EDE), supervised and trained new research assistants, assisted with literature reviews, creation of consent and assent forms, administered participant questionnaires and completed charting for individual participants, and management and entry of study related data, 

Provided direct care and supervision of children with emotional and behavioral problems, collaborated with fellow staff members to creatively develop and implement treatment plans and utilized de-escalation techniques to intervene in crises.


May 2013-May 2017 PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation): Coping, family functioning and the experience of caring for an adolescent with an eating disorder: A comparative study.

September 2013-June 2014: Undergraduate Degree Recognition-Spain (Homologación del Titulo). Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/Spanish Minstry of Education. One year of additional coursework and exams in order to have my undergraduate degree recognized in Spain and be eligible for licensure (Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos).

September 2011-June 2013: Master´s Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. Master’s Thesis: The uniqueness of male body image: Validation of an instrument to measure body dissatisfaction among Spanish adolescent males. 

September 2002-June 2006: Bachelor´s Degree in Psychology, Minor in Sociology. Seattle Pacific Unviersity, Seattle, Washington, USA.  Merits: Summa cum laude, Alpha Kappa Sigma honor society, Psi Chi, Dean’s List, Faculty of the Year Award, and Young Alumni Award for making a difference in the community.





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