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Living an international life
is full of wonderful experiences & memories, but it’s not without its challenging moments.

In my years of experience living abroad & supporting expats I’ve found effective strategies to help you:


Get through the hard times of expat life


Feel more content and confident


Be more present and connected with your partner, family and/or friends


Gain clarity about what your “best life abroad” means to you and bring it to life


And more … !

Would you like to add these strategies to your own toolbox?

Hi! I’m Melissa 

I have my PhD in Clinical & Health Psychology and worked with the globally mobile community for many years now. I know firsthand just how hard it can be to live abroad because I was an expat myself for 10 years. Although I now live back in my home country, I still consider myself a “global nomad” because my day-to-day life spans countries, cultures, timezones, and languages. I’m in an intercultural, bilingual marriage, raising a bilingual Cross-Cultural Kid, and interact with colleagues around the world in the online community for location independent mental health professionals that I co-founded.

My clients have included expats and global nomads (repats, digital nomads, immigrants, diplomats, international school teachers, adult TCKs/CCKs, and others) living in various parts of the world.

In our work together I’ve helped them to feel more confident and content in their international lives by helping them define, and bring to life, their own version of their best life abroad. I also have a whole toolkit of strategies to build emotional resilience and help you survive the inevitable ups and downs of this lifestyle.

Would you like to learn more? You can learn more about my coaching services HERE and if you want to explore if it would be a good fit to work together, you can set up your free discovery call HERE.

Would you like to learn more about how you can deal with the challenges of expat life and create your best life abroad?


“As expats, we often don’t realize how difficult a transition it can be. For myself, I was not only becoming accustomed to a new country, but also a new role as a parent. Melissa was a huge help in not only talking about some of these situations, but also in giving me the tools I needed to work through them.

Sessions with Melissa, albeit hard for me sometimes, were always fantastic. In addition, the extracurricular materials (worksheets, exercises, etc) helped to continue the progress outside of our conversations. I can’t say enough great things about Melissa!”

“Melissa is professional, organized, and very well tapped into helpful informational resources. I appreciated that when we talked, she was often able to offer insight into how the brain works, human psychological tendencies, and especially useful strategies for navigating situations.”

“Melissa was approachable, professional and easy to talk to. I felt safe during our online sessions, and appreciated how she would provide resources in between sessions to guide me through whatever I wanted to work on. It also helped that she could relate to my experience as an expat abroad. I’d highly recommend her services.”

“I worked with Melissa over a 7-month period and have since recommended her to several of my expat friends. Melissa is compassionate, warm, and professional. She had the unique ability to dive deep when necessary and laugh with me other times.

Being in the helping profession myself, always listening to others, it was SO nice to know I had this me-time to look forward to each week where I could count of being heard but not judged. In a world where people are constantly interrupting each other, it’s a treasure to find those who truly hold space for you when you talk. I felt like she treated me as if I were the only person she was working with.”

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