Repatriation Process

Are you planning to move back home after living abroad? Or maybe you’ve already moved, but find it difficult to readapt in your own country? This is quite common for expats to experience when they move home and it’s often a big surprise! If you’re going through a similar experience, continue reading – I’ll dive deeper into the process of repatriation and will give you 5 ideas that will make the process much smoother.

If you made a decision to move back home after years living abroad, you’re probably looking for some familiarity or simply seeking a less stressful lifestyle. However, the process of repatriation is usually far from a bumpless ride and involves dealing with unforeseen emotional stressors.

What people tend to overlook is the whole preparation process required in order to be able to successfully readapt living at home. In the last week’s video, I explained the reasons why it happens and went into detail talking about the transformation that happens to us while living abroad.

5 Ideas for smoother repatriation

Today I am focusing on the process itself. So, what can you do to ease your transition? Here is the summary of 5 ideas, that I’ve found to be successful for my clients and my own repatriation process. I dive deeper into them in my video below.

  1. Say Goodbye.
  2. Practice Self-Care.
  3. Become aware of how living abroad has changed you as a person.
  4. Treat repatriation as a move to a new place.
  5. Look at repatriation as a grieving process.

My video will explore these ideas on a deeper level and I hope that it will give you a totally new perspective on your move home. Enjoy!