The History of Intentional Expat

Someone who has left their home country, either by choice or necessity, in order to temporarily or permanently experience life in another country and culture, and who strives to proactively take the steps to make the very most of this exciting, memorable, and inevitably challenging, life change.

This journey started as a blog

“Intentional Expat” first began as a blog I launched in 2014 in order to write about the intersection of living abroad and mental health. The name was inspired by my own journey of shifting my perspective on my international life.

For many years I’d considered it to be an accident that I lived abroad since I’d originally only planned to move to Spain for one year.

However, several years into my time abroad, a traumatic end to an important romantic relationship prompted me to begin a journey of personal discovery. During this time I realized that this “accidental” mindset was getting in the way of living a meaningful life overseas.


A more intentional approach

Instead, I decided to take a more intentional and mindful approach to my life outside of my home country. I began investing in my own self-care and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I also discovered that my approach to adjusting to my home country had been to become a sort of chameleon and abandon my true identity. Part of becoming more intentional meant seeking out a community of other international people.


A globally mobile individual

This is how the “expat” piece took hold. I had never before identified as an expatriate because I didn’t fit the stereotype. My journey abroad was largely self-initiated since I’d originally moved to Spain to teach English. I’d made Spain a home for myself–learning the language, making local friends, and pursuing graduate school there. I wasn’t sure I’d ever leave.

But, even though I wasn’t a stereotypical expat, I decided to claim the identity of an “expat” as a way to connect with a larger international community. Many of the clients I work with also don’t identify as “expats,” which is why I think it’s important to keep the conversation open about the best terms to use to identify globally mobile individuals and reflect on the important question of–Just Who is an Expat Anyway?

The previous Intentional Expat website

Towards coaching global nomads

Soon after launching, the Intentional Expat blog morphed into my private therapy practice for international clients.

A few years later when I relocated to Amsterdam, I took this practice entirely online to serve clients around the world.

Now, Intentional Expat is the website for my coaching services for global nomads, as well as my blog on topics concerning globally mobile life, mindfulness & self-compassion, mental & emotional wellness, and entrepreneurial life.


Working with me

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