Does this sound like you?

You imagined that moving abroad would be an incredible experience, but now you find yourself plagued by doubts of whether or not it’s the right choice. Should you move back home? Should you stay where you are even though you feel guilty? You’re in good company. I’ve seen this with my clients and even experienced it myself! So why does this happen and what are the ways that guilt can manifest? There are two main reasons why you might be experiencing guilt. It’s important to understand which one of them relates to you so you can choose the best way to handle it.

Why do you feel guilty?

Expat guilt can be evoked by a deeper realization that your current life is no longer aligned with your true values. We, as humans, are constantly changing and therefore our values are changing as well. For instance, you may be experiencing expat guilt if you’re living far away from family, but have realized that it’s really important to you to have the option to spend time with family whenever you want. When you feel that guilt it’s like your intuition is knocking on the door and saying “Hey! This life isn’t a good fit anymore!” 

Or maybe, after moving abroad you have realized that this is not exactly what you have expected and it doesn’t help you live a really meaningful and fulfilled life in the way you imagined. These feelings are absolutely normal and I can assure you that you are not alone in feeling this way.

Do you feel like you “should” move home?

Perhaps living abroad is really aligned with your values. It provides you with adventure, independence, creativity, multicultural experiences, and better quality of life. But the expat guilt remains because you moving home is what other people want. And it’s really hard for you to know that your life choices are causing discomfort or pain for people you care about. 

Being in this type of situation will require a different approach, such as learning to put better boundaries with these family members if they’re making comments that criticize your decisions. 

Watch my video below and find out what are other steps and actions you can take to resolve expat guilt, and leave a comment sharing your own experience with expat guilt so others will know they’re not alone.

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