Today´s Tuesday interview features Katrine, a travel blogger who just recently ventured into the experience of living abroad when she moved from her home in Denmark to Bulgaria earlier this year. Despite being new to the expat world she´s still got plenty of tips on navigating the ups and downs and keeping a positive attitude. Read on to find out what it´s like for her living abroad in Bulgaria.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m from Denmark, I used to live in Copenhagen, but for the last three months I have been living in Sofia (Bulgaria). I work with online media and one of my biggest hobbies is blogging. I both have a Danish blog where I share my life and a new English travel blog called Selfie and the City. 

What motivated you to move abroad?

I move abroad because of my boyfriend. He got a job in Sofia in October 2014, so we decided to sell our apartment in Denmark and move to Bulgaria. He already moved in October, but because of my job and a lot of practical stuff I didn’t join him until  January 2015.

Where all have you lived abroad? What place was your favorite and why?

Sofia is my first time living abroad, but I have traveled a lot. I really like to explore new places and cultures, and it is a great learning experience to live abroad.

What’s the most difficult part about living abroad? What’s the best part?

The most difficult part is all the bureaucracy here in Bulgaria. It took me two months to get a resident ID.  Also, it is always a little hard to be away from friends and family, but it is really nice that we have social media to catch up with each other.

The best part is to explore and learn about another culture and meet a lot of new people. It is a great challenge, and I’m so happy that I decided to try it.

What have you learned from living abroad? 

Here in Bulgaria you have to take things one day at a time, and most of the time people are late. In the beginning it was so annoying, but now I just think it is a great way not to be stressed because things will be all right in the end. I also think it has given me more confidence in myself.

What is your secret to keeping a positive attitude while living abroad?

First, I think it is okay to have a bad day, and you have to give yourself permission to be negative sometimes. But I don’t think I have a secret, I’m normally just a happy person, and I believe that if you decide to put the “yes-hat” on and have a positive attitude, things will go smoothly.

What´s the best place you´ve ever traveled to?

I can’t pick just one, because I have so many great travel memories. But one of my best experiences was when I was at the Philippines at the age of 14 and learning to dive. It was so amazing and beautiful. I also had a very nice holiday to Florida two years ago with my boyfriend, where I totally fell in love with Key West.

Do you have a bucket list? Would you share with us a couple of things on that list?

There are a lot of places where I want to go, here are some examples:
Australia, California, New Zealand, Tanzania, Rome, Barcelona, Greenland, Canada, Tokyo, Maldives

What advice do you have for people who are considering moving abroad, but are feeling doubtful?

Just do it, you only live once. And ask yourself the question: What is the worst that can happen? And remember, you can always move back home.

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Thanks so much Katrine! If you want to learn more about Katrine´s travels and her experiences living abroad in Bulgaria, check out her blog, Facebook page or Instagram.  

I´m always looking for travel addicts and others living abroad to share their stories here. If you want to be featured in an upcoming interview, get in touch!