Want to join me for a 30 day meditation challenge?

Life abroad is full of ups and downs, changes and transitions. Meditation can be a helpful tool for riding the waves of uncertainty and difficulties that will inevitably arise now and then. Not only that, but it can help you to create a sense of home inside of you that you can bring with you no matter what country you’re currently in.

I discovered the benefits of meditation in my own life a few years ago when I participated in an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. In this course, the instructor introduced us to a free meditation app called “Insight Timer” as a way to keep track of our meditations. Since this time I’ve recommended this app to my clients around the world.

I’m often asked what are some of my favorite meditations to try on this app so I’ve put together this list of some of my favorite guided meditations for a 30 day meditation challenge. The length of the meditations slowly increases–Day 1 is only 1 minute whereas Day 30 is nearly 28 minutes.

Here’s what you need to do to participate in the challenge:

  • Download Insight Timer, a FREE app you can download in the Android and iOS stores.
  • Starting on the first day of the month (or really whatever day you prefer), listen to the guided meditation assigned for the day.
  • Choose a time that you can be consistent with each day–either first thing in the morning or right after work/dinner (an exception would be Day 28 which is designed for you to listen to when falling asleep).
  • Keep in mind that meditation is about observing what’s going on in your mind rather than judging. Try to be kind and patient with yourself. Try to adopt the attitude of a curious scientist as you embark on this journey.

1. One Minute Meditation (1:00) Don Reed Simmons

2. Simply Being–Relaxation & Presence (5:00) Mary Maddux

3. Self-Compassion Break (5:20) Kristin Neff

4. Body Scan Relaxation (7:40) Andrew Johnson

5. Breathing Meditation (8:43) Jack Kornfield

6. Breath Meditation (9:49) Sharon Salzburg

7. Relaxation for Busy People (9:58) Chantelle Diachina

8. Just for Today (10:00) Tom Evans

9. Morning Ritual (10:02) Jason McGrice

10. Morning Meditation with Music (10:26) Jonathan Lehmann

11. Everything Changes–Mindfulness Meditation (10:30) Joseph Goldstein

12. Favorite Place of Relaxation (11:09) Andrew Johnson

13. Guided Forgiveness Meditation (11:22) Tara Brach

14. A Pause for Presence (11:43) Tara Brach

15. Discovering Your Intrinsic Self (12:00) Sarah Blondin

16. Meditation for Headaches (12:22) Celia Roberts

17. Gratitude Meditation (14:05) Sarah McClean

18. Loving Kindness Meditation (15:00) Penny McGahey

19. Quick Confidence (15:01) Meg James

20. Compassionate Friend (15:05) Christopher Germer

21. Vipassana (Basic) Meditation (15:26)  Tara Brach

22. Mountain Meditation (15:32) Andy Hobson

23. Working with Emotions in the Body-Soften, Soothe, Allow (16:01) Kristin Neff

24. MBSR Sitting Meditation (20:00) Dave Potter

25. Loving-Kindness with Self-Compassion (20:10) Kristin Neff

26. Breathing Compassion In & Out (20:42) Christopher Germer

27. Connect to the Calm Within (21:03) Diane Yeo

28. Yoga Nidra for Sleep (22:21) Jennifer Piercy

29. Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety (23:42) Glenn Harrold

30. Soften the Sting of Loneliness (27:45) Tatum Fjerstad

I hope you enjoy this 30 day meditation challenge. I’ve included several different types of meditations here in the hopes that it will be a good introduction for helping you find a type of meditation or teacher that’s a good fit for you. Let me know in a comment below if there was a particular meditation that you really enjoyed!

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