How do you talk to yourself?

How you talk to yourself is directly related to how much you achieve and how effective you are with your daily work. Yes, you heard me right, negative self -talk can be harmful and inhibit our ability to achieve your goals and dreams. Even so, self-compassion is not a common approach when talking about self-motivation.

Just think about the time when you had to advise a friend who had a dream of starting something new but was procrastinating. Were you supportive of your friend? Were you able to encourage and motivate him or her? Or did you give them a hard time for not having started yet? I’m guessing you were supportive and encouraging!

But what about times when you were procrastinating yourself on important plans. Were you also supportive and understanding of yourself? I have a feeling the answer might be no. Unfortunately, we rarely show the amount of support and self-compassion to ourselves in comparison to what we give to others.

Procrastination and self-compassion

What if we start learning to motivate ourselves to go forward with self-compassion? What if instead of beating ourselves up, we would start being supportive, encouraging and understanding of ourselves?

Research shows that people who are showing more compassion to themselves achieve their goals with more ease and do not beat themselves up so much if they fail or make a mistake.

I encourage you to take a step back and look at your life from a different perspective. Why do your friends deserve compassion yet you don’t? What positive effects do you get from beating yourself up or from being a perfectionist?

Watch the video below to find out more about how to motivate yourself with self-compassion.

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