Expat Coaching with melissa parks, phd

Do you want to feel more content and confident?

Learn tools to navigate the challenging moments of expat life?

Be a more relaxed and engaged parent, spouse, friend, etc? 

Feel more fulfilled with this chapter of your life? 

Get unstuck and move forward with an important goal? 


…then expat coaching with me might be for you! 

These are the most common reasons my clients seek out expat coaching with me-

For support with a specific stage in international living:

making here home: dealing with the challenges of living abroad

Living abroad is supposed to be the best time of your life, but unfortunately, life in an exotic new place is still life. It’s full of its challenging moments and now you’ve got to do it far away from the familiarity of home and without a support system. I’ll teach you the tools that have helped my clients (and me) to make a new place home, create a fulfilling life, and even use this life chapter to learn more about yourself.


Should I stay put? Should I move back home? Should I move to a different country? This is a common dilemma faced by expats and it’s often made more difficult if you tell yourself “it shouldn’t be so hard.” Usually there isn’t one right decision, but in our work together we’ll clarify what’s deeply important to you in life, and explore what tools available to create a more fulfilling life where you currently are, or prepare for a big transition–either to a new country, or back home.

moving back home: repatriation/re-entry

You might have known that living abroad was going to be hard, but did you know that moving back home can be just as hard (and sometimes even harder)? I can help you to learn tools to navigate this difficult transition, whether you’ve already repatriated or are just starting to consider it. You’ll learn strategies to say goodbye to your former home, reflect on how your time abroad has shaped who you are, and envision how you can have a fulfilling life back in your home country.

And/or because they identify with one of these types of clients I specialize in working with:

expat or cross-cultural moms

Being a mom is probably THE hardest job you’ll ever have. It demands so much of you – emotionally, physically, mentally – yet also tends to be under-appreciated. Not to mention that there are so many messages out there about how you should be doing things. It’s hard not to have a voice in your head that’s constantly telling you that you could be doing more. You’re likely stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and having a hard time being fully present for the people you care about. You might even feel out of touch with who you are.  Coaching can help you to reconnect with yourself,  acknowledge the amazing job you’re doing, and start to care for yourself in the same way you care for your children. 

I especially enjoy working with new moms as they navigate the challenges of this big life transition

Location independent professionals & expat entrepreneurs

Being your own boss or working from home is amazing, right? Especially if you can travel the world while doing work you love. But it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. You might struggle with work/life balance, experience burnout, or find that imposter syndrome and procrastination keep getting in your way. Together we’ll work on strategies to help you gain clarity, stay productive, manage stress, and continue to do the work you love, while not losing sight of other things that are important in your life.

person walking past a grafitti wall that reads 'courage'

people in intercultural relationships & lovepats

Romantic relationships are hard enough even when you’re from, and living in, the same country. The international element of being from different cultures, possibly adding in another language, or being away from your support system, all add additional challenges. I’ve worked as a couples therapist for intercultural couples, am in an intercultural/bilingual marriage myself, and can provide you with strategies to clarify what you want in your own relationship and how to work through any challenges that you face. I also support international clients going through a breakup or divorce. 

Working with me:

What will I get out of our work together?

Coaching will help you to feel more content and confident in your day-to-day life. You’ll be more present and engaged with the people you care about. You’ll gain clarity about what a fulfilling life abroad means to you, and strategies to make that vision a reality.

You’ll also learn how to prioritize your own self-care and put on your own oxygen mask first. We’ll work on creating or improving your self-care toolbox so you can find what works for you to navigate the challenging moments of day-to-day life, wherever in the world you are.

We’ll also talk about what you can do between sessions to get the most out of coaching. I provide all my clients with a curated list of resources to explore, as well as action steps to take, between our sessions. 

What’s the process of working together?

  1. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, schedule your discovery call with me today so we can see if coaching with me is the right fit to help you create the global life you’ve been dreaming of.
  2. If we decide it’s a good fit for us to work together, I’ll get you all set up with everything you need to get started working together right away.

Each session is 50 minutes. We work online via Zoom so you can connect with me from the comfort of your own home or office, wherever in the world you may be.

What’s the investment for working together?

The majority of my clients benefit from a minimum 3-month commitment to coaching with two sessions/month. However, we will discuss in detail how we can best work together. The cost per session is $200 USD*

*I have a limited number of sliding scale spots available for clients who cannot afford this fee.

What’s included in working together?

  • A new client questionnaire designed to help you assess your current struggles and needs and get started with goal setting.

  • A 50-min. coaching calls on Zoom (typically at least 2x/month to start)
  • After each session I’ll share with you a list of curated resources and action steps for you to work on between sessions.


ready to SCHEDULE your discovery call with me?