Online Therapy for Expats & Globally Mobile Individuals

Online Therapy for Expats and Globally Mobile Individuals

Hi, I’m Melissa Parks. I have my PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology and I work as a coach for expats living around the globe. Although I grew up in my birth country (the United States), I spent ten years living abroad myself and I discovered firsthand just how challenging it can be to have an international, multicultural life, especially if you feel like others expect you to be living an amazing life.

I began working with the international community when I was living in Madrid, where I lived and worked for 7 years. I then moved to Amsterdam for 3 years, and have most recently moved back to the United States (and experienced another important, yet often ignored, aspect of expat life–repatriation).

For several years I provided online therapy for expats and other globally mobile individuals around the world. More recently, I’ve changed the services I provide for this community and I now provide expat coaching to help expats around the globe to thrive, wherever in the world they call home.

**I no longer provide online therapy. However, I do offer online coaching for the globally mobile community. Coaching can help you to create your best life abroad and learn strategies to effectively interact with your thoughts and feelings so that they don’t hold you back from living this life. Many expats enjoy working with me because I can understand firsthand some of the challenges that come with living a life that spans countries, cultures, and languages.

 Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. If you need to work with a therapist then you’re welcome to contact me for referrals or to search the Location Independent Therapists Directory where you’ll find therapists specialized in working with international clients.

You can set up a free 15- minute consultation with me to discuss what you’d like to work on and if my approach would be a good fit for your current concerns.

Are you interested in working with me? You can learn more about my 1:1 coaching services HERE.

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