Online Therapy for Expats & Globally Mobile Individuals

Online Therapy for Expats and Globally Mobile Individuals

Hi, I’m Melissa Parks. I have my PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology and I work as a coach for expats living around the globe. Although I grew up in my birth country (the United States), I spent ten years living abroad myself and I discovered firsthand just how challenging it can be to have an international, multicultural life, especially if you feel like others expect you to be living an amazing life.

I began working with the international community when I was living in Madrid, where I lived and worked for 7 years. I then moved to Amsterdam for 3 years, and have most recently moved back to the United States (and experienced another important, yet often ignored, aspect of expat life–repatriation).

For several years I provided online therapy for expats and other globally mobile individuals around the world. More recently, I’ve changed the services I provide for this community and I now provide expat coaching to help expats around the globe to thrive, wherever in the world they call home.

Interested in learning more about my coaching services for global nomads? I offer a free 30 minute consultation for potential clients so that you can see if my coaching services are a good fit for you: