Returning home after living abroad can be a challenging process. But what are the main factors that are rarely talked about and that can make this process even harder? What are the challenges of returning home after living abroad?

With my own move back to my home country, and with supporting clients through this process, I’ve found a few things that will make this big life transition even harder. Today I want to share them with you so that you can either avoid them or make some changes when preparing for your own move home.


First, let’s talk about the importance of timing. If you have made a decision to come back home when feeling completely fed up and tired of living abroad, it might not be the best move. That is because when you are running from something you cannot handle anymore, your expectations might be set too high for how great it will be to be back at home which will only lead to disappointment.

So what’s the solution? If you can, try to plan your move back home before you hit the phase of being completely fed up with living abroad. Move when you still are in that sweet spot of being comfortable with expat life, but feel ready to try life back at home. Try to avoid moving home out of desperation.


There could be times when moving back home is a decision you will have to make due to unforeseen circumstances. For instance today, in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak, some of you were forced to go back to your home countries unexpectedly. Unfortunately, in situations like this, the process is definitely going to be harder and I want you to go into this transition knowing that this is to be expected and normal. We cannot change the circumstances, but we can definitely arm ourselves with more self-compassion and patience during these challenging times.

Pieces of your life abroad

If you could take some pieces of your life abroad back home with you, what would they be? Think about it before moving. For me, it was making sure I settled in the part of my city where I could walk more rather than use a car. This was a very important part of my life in Europe and I intentionally made the choice to incorporate that part into my newly found life at home. Therefore, I can still walk around the city, visit cafes and parks without needing to use a car. What would that important peace be for you?

Want to know what are the other two factors that you should be taking into account when moving back home? Watch my video below. I really hope that these tips will help you to be better prepared such a big life change.