Here is some of what clients say about working with me:

In order to protect client’s privacy, and for them not to feel pressured to provide a testimonial, I ask former clients to provide anonymous testimonials. For this reason, there is no identifying information after the testimonials.

“Melissa was approachable, professional and easy to talk to. I felt safe during our online sessions, and appreciated how she would provide resources in between sessions to guide me through whatever I wanted to work on. It also helped that she could relate to my experience as an expat abroad. I’d highly recommend her services.”

“I contacted Melissa because halfway through my travels, I started feeling anxiety and panic setting in. I was doing what I loved doing, everything was fine on the surface and somehow my world was falling apart and I didn’t understand why.

Melissa’s gentle approach as well as her professionalism and skills made me feel safe and comfortable. I felt understood and she reassured me I was not losing my mind! She provided me with lots of insights as to why the anxiety was creeping in, and also gave me techniques and tips to overcome it. Just having someone to listen and reassure me that I’m not crazy was so welcomed in my state.”

“I worked with Melissa over a 7-month period and have since recommended her to several of my expat friends. Melissa is compassionate, warm, and professional. She had the unique ability to dive deep when necessary and laugh with me other times.

Being in the helping profession myself, always listening to others, it was SO nice to know I had this me-time to look forward to each week where I could count of being heard but not judged. In a world where people are constantly interrupting each other, it’s a treasure to find those who truly hold space for you when you talk. I felt like she treated me as if I were the only person she was working with.”

“Melissa is professional, organized, and very well tapped into helpful informational resources. I appreciated that when we talked, she was often able to offer insight into how the brain works, human psychological tendencies, and especially useful strategies for navigating situations.”

“As expats, we often don’t realize how difficult a transition it can be. For myself, I was not only becoming accustomed to a new country, but also a new role as a parent. Melissa was a huge help in not only talking about some of these situations, but also in giving me the tools I needed to work through them.

Sessions with Melissa, albeit hard for me sometimes, were always fantastic. In addition, the extracurricular materials (worksheets, exercises, etc) helped to continue the progress outside of our conversations. I can’t say enough great things about Melissa!”

Hi! I’m Melissa Parks. I have my PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology and provide online coaching to individuals living around the world. You can learn more about me HERE and online coaching with me HERE.

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