What is procrastination?

If we indulge in it sometimes – procrastination is not a bad thing. It becomes a problem when it creeps upon us and we don’t have a toolbox to confront and overcome procrastination.

Let’s talk about how you can get more awareness about WHY procrastination comes up for you and strategies on how to overcome those obstacles.

Procrastination comes from a place of being intertwined with perfectionism. Usually, when we have a task to do, it is not difficult. It might be a bit challenging or uncomfortable, but it is not a life and death situation. Yet, we tend to avoid doing it.

You might just be standing in a corner completely paralyzed because all you can think about is all the possibilities there are to fall, all of the ways that there are to fail. You concentrate on the negative aspects of your task.

We make the tasks so much more risky and challenging than it necessarily is. We just get so focused on all of the ways that we can fail at the task. This metaphor was used in the book called “The Now Habit” by Neil A. Fiore. You can find out more about the book HERE.

Situations that helps beat procrastination

Situations that get us moving from this point of standstill are usually to do with urgency. When you know you have just 30 min left till the deadline, you just get on with the task. The last-minute rush always works wonders. When you know you have to do the task urgently, the fear of failure while doing the task goes away.

We also tend to move forward easier when we know that something needs to be done for our loved ones. The fear of losing a job and not being able to provide for our family is bigger than the fear of failing at a particular task.

Mindset change

However, these situations do not occur so frequently. In order to really beat procrastination, we need to change our inner dialogue. We should be able to have a safety net to fall into if we do fail.

Think about it, what if you knew deep inside that even if you fail or receive negative feedback, you still can learn from your mistakes and move forward? The secret here is to adapt to the growth mindset and to develop the attitude of self-compassion.

Watch the video below to find out more about procrastination.

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