Along with working as coach for global nomads living around the world, I also post an Interview Series on this website where I share the stories of global nomads who have moved abroad, are traveling the globe, or are transitioning to life back at home.

Today’s interview is with travel and food blogger, Aditi Shukla. Aditi hails from Bangalore (India). Having moved to Malaysia 2 years ago, she began travelling and exploring the local culture and food of Malaysia as well as other South East Asian countries. Being a dreamer and soul searcher, off she set on a mission to travel every month and explore all that’s around her. She began documenting her travel and food journeys along the way at her blog Lyf&Spice, as well as her undying passion for writing and editing content on the go for a number of digital publications and clients.

Whenever she visits her family back home, she co-runs the channel “High on Food” to share food reviews and stories in India. Her interests include scuba diving, hiking, exploring, partying, eating, blogging and vlogging. She never hesitates to try a new cuisine, bizarre food item or explore a new city, country or space with her travel buddy (the hubby).

When was the first time you left your home country? What was your life like before that?

Oh, I was way too young to remember. I was a year plus when we moved to Saudi Arabia, and it was a wonderful experience. After spending 12 years there, we settled in Bangalore (India), and I moved out of the country again when I turned 30.

What motivated you to leave India?

The hubby was getting a good job. For me too, it was a chance to experiment something new at a fresh place – a new start and good opportunity to explore. Moreover, we are always open to a move, it’s always for the better J

What’s the most difficult part about travel or living outside of your home country and how do you overcome some of these difficulties?

Home sickness, missing a familiar environment, hanging out with your friends and having comfort food. Then again, I fly down if I miss any of these aspects. Home is never far away.

What’s the best part about travel or living outside of your home country?

You get to experience a different culture, interact with people and broaden your outlook. Sometimes, it’s good to move away from the usual rut of life, and analyze your life from afar. You get to fine tune yourself better- and emerge stronger.

What experience have you had abroad that you want everyone to know about?

Scuba diving… finally getting PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water certification, which I would have never otherwise imagined. My fear of water had kept me from stepping into a pool or getting more than ankle-deep in water all my life. Residing 1.5 hours away from the world’s most beautiful islands (Perhentian Islands), made me fall in love with them. Another great opportunity is leading a life of homeless luxury (haha) i.e. living in a 5-star hotel for over 2 years now. It is both challenging and dreamy.

What has living outside of your home country taught you about life, romantic relationships, family and/or professional ambitions?

Uprooting yourself and settling in a new country is very challenging, yet exciting. I had to start from the scratch and build my base here. I learnt a lot, and still am. It has taught me to experience every aspect of life to the fullest, live in the moment, be fierce and do what you want to do. You´ve got just one life.

What are 3 things on your bucket list?

  1. To host a travel and food show some day
  2. To taste the local food (and the most bizarre food) and test off-beat paths (and try every adventurous sport once) in every country
  3. To be a well-known writer

What advice do you have for people who are considering traveling or relocating to a new country, but are feeling doubtful? 

Weigh the pros and cons of the move, but then, remember that you are getting the transfer or opportunity to move because you applied for it in the first place. Your decision had been made right then, at the time of application.

Do you have a favorite quote, book, movie, TED Talk, etc?

I have 2 favourite quotes:

‘Conquer life’

‘Live your dream’

Who do you owe your current life and outlook on life to?

My folks for the flawless upbringing and being our best friends, my lil sis who has inspired me to be what I want to be fearlessly, and my daredevil hubby for his persistent support in making me adventure-driven and motivating me to take the plunge in every new venture I seek.

What do you hope people say about you on your 70th birthday?

Nice dentures! 😉

Here’s the happy woman who travelled the way she wanted, lived her life the way she wanted.

Thanks so much Aditi for sharing your inspiring story of moving to Malaysia, conquering your fears to pursue scuba diving and giving us a glimpse of your life as a travel and food blogger. Want to learn more about Aditi’s adventures? You can find her on her blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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