Can you feel happy all the time?

Living your best life does not mean being 100 percent happy all the time. The idea that we can or should be always happy – is a myth. Being a human being means feeling a whole wide range of emotions. By not letting ourselves feel all those feelings, we can actually cause ourselves more pain. That’s why I say that happiness is overrated and instead I suggest pursuing a meaningful life, which will involve a lot of moments that aren’t full of happiness but will help you to feel more content overall. And maybe, even happier!

If we are focused on pursuing happiness, and we are convinced that we should not feel other “negative” feelings, we tend to suppress and avoid these other feelings. This might feel good in the short term, but we might sabotage our future by not engaging in activities that we would actually make us feel fulfilled in the long run. For example, not moving abroad because we feel scared.

Is it normal to feel negative emotions?

More often than not, we end up judging our so-called negative emotions. We tend to think that it’s not “normal” of “healthy” to feel sadness, anger, loneliness, or fear. Therefore we judge ourselves when we feel this way. However, judging how we’re feeling only compounds the initial feeling we had which leads us to feel even worse!

In order to feel better, we can start learning how to get rid of the judgment and fear we feel when we are experiencing “negative” emotions. The first step to do this, which I recommend to my coaching clients, is called developing emotional literacy. When developing emotional literacy we’re simply naming our feelings. However, like any skill–it takes practice! Naming our feelings helps us connect with our feelings on a deeper level. After this, we can also practice reminding ourselves that all feelings are ok and they aren’t permanent. With practice, this will help you learn how to successfully manage any painful feelings that come your way.

Watch my video below and dive deeper into the world of emotions and find out more about why happiness is overrated.